Call for tri-fold pamphlets: We would like to provide the community of believers in Christ an opportunity to submit their own concise materials so that they can in turn be easily distributed.

We ask for your assistance in creating pamphlets on the following topics:

* The role and fate of the “gentiles” in the Book of Mormon.
* What is a prophet? (And what is the difference between “receiving” a prophet, and “following” a prophet?)
* The opposition: spiritual evil.
* The Lord’s “servant” in 3 Nephi 21.
* Who is being referred to in 2 Nephi 28, Mormon 8:33-41, D&C 112:23-26, D&C 84:55-59?

If you are endowed with such talent, it would be a blessing to many others if the pamphlets currently posted could be translated into other languages.

If you have the desire to contribute a pamphlet, please provide us with a file that is as complete as possible. If you have the expertise, please provide a polished pamphlet in PDF format that people can easily print off on their home printers without special paper sizes etc. Please also submit the editable file from which the PDF pamphlet was made so we can make any modifications that might be necessary.

If you don’t have the technical expertise to create a pamphlet but would still like to contribute your ideas for a pamphlet, please submit your ideas and research in as clear and concise manner as possible so we can easily create a pamphlet from what you provide.  Our goal is that the content consist of purely canonized scripture and the words of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

You can submit your editable files in any format that is most convenient for you and we will do our best to accommodate that format. We will contact you if we need it in another format. If you have multiple files it may be easiest for you to first add them to a zip file before you submit them. Files containing macros, executables, or any type of malicious threat, will be immediately deleted.

  • All submissions must be able to print on an 8.5″ X 11″ piece of paper (single or double sided).
  • A tri-fold pamphlet is best but other formats will be considered.
  • All submissions must be based only on scripture and/or the writings of the prophet Joseph Smith Jr.
  • All submissions become the property of the website.
  • No submission will be accepted with links to external websites.
  • Credit for the creation of any material will be given to God and as such please exclude all author related copyrights and references.


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